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Founder's Welcome


Do you lie awake at night pondering the deep secrets of the Universe? Or, do you prefer known truths? Do you feel like you have the potential to be a scientist or an engineer but don’t know how to think like a one? Are you curious, just curious about nature and how the things work? Are you an avid learner, thinker, reader? How about a science enthusiast? Are you someone who wants to improve day by day? … Ashlar STEM Academy (ASA) welcomes you.

ASA was formed to create a platform for those seeking knowledge through STEM methods, and advocates critical thinking. ASA is here to boost the extant motivation of those who are keen on STEM fields. ASA will be the guide and an inspirational tool to those who desire to self improve, invent and share. Ashlar STEM Academy will also assist the youth in pursuit of their STEM careers and in becoming the creative problem solvers of the future.

We welcome you again and wish you a STEMtastic journey with us!


Founder of Ashlar STEM ACADEMY

Our Mission

Ashlar STEM Academy is committed to helping all dedicated and enthusiastic youth be well prepared for their future STEM careers. Ashlar STEM Academy promotes learning through understanding the very meanings of theoretical concepts and being avid observers of the physical world surrounding us.

Our Vision

Ashlar STEM Academy strives to be the true source of knowledge for all in the STEM community.

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