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Can you imagine how the world would be if there were not any means of communication

among people, if there were no languages being spoken? Of course, there would be no way that people can communicate with and understand each other. Hence, the importance of Mathematics is similar, for it serves as a unique, indispensable, and strong tool for people in the STEM fields to communicate with each other. More than that, aware or not, every one of us uses it one way or the other in our daily lives. While calculating kitchen expenses, or deciding whether a furniture would fit in our living room, we virtually use Mathematics.

Together with its axioms and theorems, Mathematics also helps us study abstract objects and unimaginable realms of higher dimensional spaces. Mathematics, which is independent from any experimental verification, offers a wide array of research fields creating endless possibilities.

As ASHLAR STEM Academy, our goal is to assist all high school and college students in mastering their math skills while building a comprehensive knowledge on the following fundamental topics of this field:

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