Understanding the concepts in the field of Physics requires using them in solving problems. Here, we present  solutions to Physics problems from various topics. First year college and AP Physics students will find this resource extremely useful.


Vectors, Projectile motion, constant acceleration, variable acceleration, velocity versus speed, circular motion


System of particles, center of mass, impulse, conservation of linear momentum


Systems in Equilibrium are investigated. The knowledge of torque and force is being applied here.


Electric Force, electric field and potential, equipotential surfaces and lines, energy density, Gauss' Law, electric energy


Lenses, mirrors, polarization, single slit and double slit experiments, index of refraction, Snell's Law, thin films


Newton's Laws, physical forces, inclined plane motion, friction, Hooke's Law, weight, linear momentum


Rigid bodies, angular momentum, rotation about a fixed axis, torque, conservation of angular momentum, rolling motion

Fluid Mechanics

Types of fluids, static fluids, buoyancy force, fluid dynamics, continuity and Bernoulli's equations


Magnetic fields, magnetic force, electromagnetic induction, magnetic flux, Ampere's Law, particle motions

Work - Energy

Power, work, kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, conservation of energy, work in three dimensions


Harmonic oscillation, pendulum and spring motions, standing waves, sound waves, interference of waves


Heat transfer, ideal gas law, kinetic theory of gases, PV diagrams, Entropy, four special processes

Electric Circuits

Ohm's Law, DC and AC circuits, Kirchhoff's Rule, capacitors, RC circuits, combinations of electric components

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