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Why do we use base 10 number system?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Starting our elementary school years, we all learn how to do arithmetic using the number system of base 10. All basic operations are carried out using this number system, and nobody actually feels like questioning this, i.e using base 10 number system seems natural. Most people don't even run into other number systems throughout their lives.

humans have 10 fingers so it was so natural to adopt the base 10 number system

However, in the past Mayans used base 20, whereas Babylonians used another number system with base 60. In today's computer world, base 2 and its derivatives are widely used.

“So, what makes number 10 so special? Can't 11, 12, or 20 be as special as 10? Why does base 10 number system seem natural to us?”

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