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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

In this paper, I demonstrate how to plot smooth “Golden Eggs” using mathematical functions. In order to do that, I first review a proposed shape for a Golden Egg, which includes a parabola and a semi-circle to form the top and the bottom portions of the egg shape, respectively. Although this option is one of the simplest ways to draw a Golden Egg shape, it possesses a certain defect which leaves the shape not as smooth as what you would expect from an egg. In the following section, I propose an alternative form of a mathematical function which would resolve the problem arising due to the use of a parabola in drawing a Golden Egg. This form includes a control parameter whose value is set by the user and different Golden Egg shapes can be constructed with different choices for the value of this parameter. In the last section, I demonstrate different Golden Eggs plotted using the mathematical function suggested in this study with different values for the control parameter. It will then be up to you to decide which shape you like the most. You are also more than welcome to plot different Golden Eggs by following the guideline presented in this study. There are just a couple of restrictions that you need to follow which are also discussed here. I hope you all enjoy creating Golden Eggs as much as I do.

Here are the GOLDEN EGGS you will learn how to plot in this paper:

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