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03/14 - March 14

This is probably the most celebrated STEM Holiday. The first three digits

of the famous number PI announces

the date of this holiday, i.e 3.14

Welcome to Ashlar STEM ACADEMY

Do you lie awake at night pondering the deep secrets of the Universe? Or, do you prefer known truths? Do you feel like you have the potential to be a scientist or an engineer but don’t know how to think like a one? Are you curious, just curious about nature and how the things work? Are you an avid learner, thinker, reader? How about a science enthusiast? Are you someone who wants to improve day by day? …

Ashlar STEM Academy welcomes you.


“In order for the light

to shine so brightly,

the darkness must be present.”​


—  Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626)

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